It’s so pretty it hurts. 

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’m over-the-top in love with this Wine Folly Master Collection. 

As a designer who has created a fancy box set or two in my time, there were a whole range of emotions … and judgments … and questions … that ran though my head as I dug into the majesty of this wonderful gift from my amazing wife. 

Below is a play by play of my feelings …

Oooooo. I wonder what’s inside.

1. The Box

WHOA! Is that a soft varnish coating with a spot glass UV varnish of a topo map? Sweet. Gold foil too? WHEW! Wonder what the #$!@^&! budget was … Magnet closure. Shut up.

Mine’s #4,417 out of 10,000.  

2. The Reveal

#4,417!  That special hand sharpie touch is nice. What a freaking beautiful cover. S#!T this thing is so over the top it pisses me off!!!! I wish I had designed it!

Well it is really well done and I’m super grateful that I have this one … and it’s mine … it’s even numbered.

It really inspiring to see such great work. Great job!

I do great work too. I’m a designer who loves wine so clearly we should be pals someday.

Whoa… Check out that glass.

It’s a really nice thing to drink wine out of.

3. The Glass

Austrian Crystal!?! Is that a good thing? IDK… but I like this glass. Check out the etched lines … now I’ll always know that I’ve poured too much wine. Classy!

Wine Folly’s stuff is super helpful and incredibly well-designed. 

4. The Book

This is going to be my new go to tool for sure! Check. It. OUT! It’s like an über version of the one I bought for my kindle. They kill it with these diagrams and maps.

Do I love it because it is so useful or because it is so well-designed?

Of course … if it was not so well designed it would not be useful.

Check out this polishing cloth. It’s big … really BIG!

5. The Enormous Polishing Cloth

I needed that! Yes! This is going to be epically useful since all of my wine pics have spots all over the glasses. It’s kinda nice though. Maybe too nice. Nope. Its a tool … so take it out of the plastic and use it.  

A tastily designed tasting journal along with the perfect amount of guidance.

6. The Tasting Journal

Perfect! Just what is needed and nothing extra. Look … there is even blank space for me to look at my wine against to judge color depth and hue. Smart … super smart. 

This is a beautiful set of stuff.

7. Another Corkscrew … I Mean Sommelier’s Opener

Quality branding! Look at that … more gold. I can never have enough corkscrews. 

Get your own. This one is mine.

8. Details

Look at the effort that went into this thing! 

The Difference Between Good and Great.

It’s in the details where good is transformed into greatness. It’s true in design, winemaking and just about everything in life. 

The Wine Folly Master Collection is filled with countless details that were intentionally and passionately designed. Not only are the items incredibly useful for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more about it, they are beautifully designed.

As a designer who’s had a pretty successful career myself, I can’t think of a better compliment.


Final Call:

It’s $150 bucks and worth every penny. Well at least it is to both my designer and wine blogger sides. 

Rating: 5 outta 5
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

Cost: $150

Manufacturer: Wine Folly