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Blind tasting wizardry, good stories, and some pretty darn cool people

Rating: 4 outta 5
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By: Forgotten Man Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films

Christmas came early for wine geeks.

On Friday, Somm 3 released on Amazon, Itunes, etc… Which was perfect timing since I took the day off to go visit some of my favorite local winemakers.

At about an hour and 15 minutes, it’s the perfect pre-game watch for a day on the mountain drinking wine with friends and being festive.

If you’ve seen the previous two iterations, then you know what to expect by now.

Blind tasting wizardry, beautiful vineyards, good stories, cool people, and learning a little something.

This movie takes some of the behind the curtain magic of movie one, mixes it with the approachable learning style of movie two, and then adds a whole heap of impactful moments to bring the story of modern wine full circle.

In an attempt to give you some inspiration without giving too much away, here what you can expect:

  • For the third iteration in the series, we get to know some of the most impactful people in the creation of today’s wine world.
  • A few “You gotta be kidding me” or “WHAT the $#%!” and “Whoa. HOW?!?! That’s just crazy!” wine calls. 
  • Life-changing wines
  • A cool glimpse into the post-prohibition rebirth of American fine wine.

AND … since the usual suspects from the first two movies are back … and all grown up … we get to see what cool things they are up to now too.

Should you watch it?

Do you love wine?

Do you love good stories?

Do you like things that are fun?

Then sure … you should watch it.

Do you need to watch the first two before watching this one?

Nope, but you could make it an epic wine movie night. Both SOMM and Into the Bottle are currently streaming on Netflix and available on Amazon.

Where to watch.

I purchased it on Amazon for a whopping $15 bucks! If you are not as committed as me, you can rent it for like $5 or $6 bucks. I’ve already watched it twice and I’m probably gonna watch it again tonight while trying to write more stuff for this site.

So what I’m saying is … it certainly entertains me.


Check out the trailer below.