Rare Wine Co. Thomas Jefferson Special Reserve Madeira

Wine not just get to the point!

Rating: 4.5 outta 5
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Wine: Rare Wine Co. Thomas Jefferson Special Reserve Madeira

From: Madeira, Portugal

Grapes: A blend of that includes Malmsey that is 80+ years old.

Cost: $72, Don’t tell my wife!!!!!

Review: Struggling to find the words. This wine just keeps going and going and going. Unreal finish. It’s a transformer.

Kind of like when 5 or 6 different robots get together to form one giant badass robot …

What starts out as brown butter, chocolate and caramel becomes orange peel and tart cherry followed by mixed nuts… almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. I was still tasting it an hour later while laying in bed … or maybe I was just dreaming of another glass.

Is it sweet? Yes … and no. There is this tingly acid party happening on your tongue that completely balances out the acid and the 19% alcohol.

I tried to pair it with some dark chocolate and it was fine. The truth is the wine is just so darn enjoyable on its own that it seemed shameful to screw it up with other stuff.

Should you buy some? I know a 4+ glass rating means to stock up, but a little goes a long way. And since it is already oxidized, this one bottle will last us a while. 

Just like the book review below, it may not be for everyone. I used to hate sweet wines, but what I’ve learned over the last 2 years is that perspective-altering complexity and balance are journeys these wines can take you on.

Other Stuff: Jefferson is known for his love of French wines, but before he was “enlightened” he drank plenty of Madeira.

This blend is was created with the help of Monticello’s resident wine historian, Gabriele Rausse. It reflects a particular blend he learned from the wife of his law school mentor George Wythe. The recipe says to use one-tenth “superfine Malmsey” and nine-tenths dry Madeira.

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