Presidential Taste

Remembering the wines that make history ... for you!

What’s the difference between drinking wine and tasting it?

Paying attention.

At least that’s what the pros say … but, these are the same folks that can pick out 100 different smells and flavors in a single drop of wine.

Impressive for sure, but mortals like us need a cheat sheet!

For me, tasting is all about picking out (and remembering) things in many different wines we try so we can find more of the stuff we love. Science says that when we associate one thing to something else, or make a game put of something, it can help us remember stuff.

For example … Maybe the wine your enjoying is party in a bottle … maybe something seems a little improper, but for whatever reason this wine is kinda likable – That could be the Bill Clinton of wines.

Throw in some simple rules and points … Tada! 

Let’s Play a Game!

To help us find and remember the wines we love, I’ve created a handy tasting guide and game for you and your friends to enjoy alongside your wines.

It’s follows a tried and true method for “properly” tasting wine, but throws in some presidential personality and good natured arguing just for the fun of it … I mean … science.

There’s an expanded list of Presidential notes below and a link to download your very own Wine Like an American tasting guide and game. Cheers!


Presidential Style!

Below is an expanded list of “Presidential Personalities” to use along with you tasting template.

Our Presidents have a long and distinguished history of enjoying wine and other adult beverages. If you want to dig deeper into that history, you should check out my report on Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt and then read the book.

Remember the point of all these notes is to help you remember the wines you like … and the ones you won’t be voting for again! Feel free to make your own. Maybe George Washington tastes like “chopped red cherries to you” … Ok, that’s still my note.  Whatever!

Pour a glass and have some fun!
George Washington:

Classic. The Prototype. The Template.

John Adams:

Not a 1st growth, but pretty darn amazing all the same.

Thomas Jefferson:

Iconic. Complex. Filled with Passion. New world passion, Old world style.

James Madison:

A wine that sets the rules.

James Monroe:

Original Badass Overachiever

John Quincy Adams:

Pedigree. Complex and cultured.

Andrew Jackson:

Tannins that pack a punch. Brash, bold and in your face!

William Henry Harrison:

Could’ve been good, but the finish was way to short.

Zachary Taylor

This one is “Rough and Ready”

Millard Fillmore:

Obscure. Like some of the wines that come from finger lakes region of NY




Franklin Pierce:

Whoa! The Alcohol is outta control

James Buchanan:

This may be the worst wine ever.

Abe Lincoln:

Honest and true expression. Somehow it holds together competing flavors, acids, tannins. Whew! One to remember.

Andrew Johnson

Nope. This wine should be removed immediately.

Grover Cleveland:

Worth of a second try … just not right now.

Teddy Roosevelt:

Bold but Balanced


BIG… Really Big

Woodrow Wilson:

Please prohibit me from ever drinking this again.

Warren G. Harding:

I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m drinking this




Herbert Hoover:

Depressing. These grapes do great things in Europe, but they are not getting it done at this vineyard.


Long finish. Goes on & on & on & on!

Harry S. Truman:

Didn’t think this one had a chance, but it really surprised me.

Dwight D. Eisenhower:

5 Stars! This one would even impress the French.


Young, but promising


This wine must be from Texas


Pretty label, but this wine must e corked.

Gerald Ford:

It’s better than the last wine I tasted … but that’s not saying much.

Ronald Reagan:

A wine that effortlessly speaks to you.

Bill Clinton:

A party in the glass and I feel a little bad for enjoying this.