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Wine Stories

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2019 Loudoun County Winter Barrel Tasting

2019 Loudoun County Winter Barrel Tasting

Well ... that was fun!  Last Saturday was a tiny bit cold and snowy, but we made the most of our day out for The Loudoun Wineries Association’s inaugural Loudoun County Winter Barrel Tasting event! Whew! That's a mouthful and a lot of Loudoun! Literally. Thirteen...

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Don’t open until Christmas

Don’t open until Christmas

Or until the Coravin says the wine is ready to drink! Technology to the Rescue There is a scene in the movie Arthur Christmas where Santa nearly gets caught placing a present at the foot of a kid's bed because he accidentally sets off the noisy toy beside the sleeping...

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Just Wine

Notes on wines we’re drinking … I mean tasting.

I love a good story, but I love wine a whole lot more.

Good thing they go so great together.

Hi. I’m James … the sarcastic one on the left. Welcome to whatever this is. Well, hopefully, it’s fun. It’s about wine so it has to be … or at least should be! 

Wine is a tasty time machine that connects us to stories of place and time … and the people that share them with us. That’s why I love it.

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