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Get Some Wine on Your Shirt.

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Wine Stories

The latest ramblings of a wine loving American.

Dinner with Steven Spurrier

Dinner with Steven Spurrier

Intentionally Unintended Consequences. Life happens. For a bunch of guys hanging around Philadelphia with each other in 1776, declaring Independence from England was surely not what most of them...

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Wine Folly Master Guide

Wine Folly Master Guide

It's so pretty it hurts.  Let's just cut to the chase. I'm over-the-top in love with this Wine Folly Master Collection.  As a designer who has created a fancy box set or two in my time, there were a...

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Proudly Telling the Stories of Those Who Make Wine in America Great.

Passionate people. Amazing places. Tasty wines.
Grab a glass and read this.

I love a good story, but I love wine a whole lot more.

Good thing they go so great together.

Hi. I’m James … the sarcastic one on the left. Welcome to whatever this is. Well, hopefully, it’s fun. It’s about wine so it has to be … or at least should be! 

Wine is a tasty time machine that connects us to stories of place and time … and the people that share them with us. That’s why I love it.