Or until the Coravin says the wine is ready to drink!

Technology to the Rescue

There is a scene in the movie Arthur Christmas where Santa nearly gets caught placing a present at the foot of a kid’s bed because he accidentally sets off the noisy toy beside the sleeping kid.

Potential Disaster!

That is until an elite team of elves deploy their amazing tech and skill to expertly–and with ZERO damage to the wrapping–cut into the present and remove the batteries … thus saving Santa’s butt and prolonging the magic Christmas for at least one more year for the kid.

My two teenage boys are long past this Santa magic stuff … soooooo …  I’m basically the eternal 12-year-old of the house who watches these movies each year.

In the box of the Model One are two argon gas capsules, a needle cleaner, the device and some light reading materials.

The magic of the Coravin?

Well, it lets you peek inside the bottle and actually experience and enjoy the gift each one holds without actually opening it.

I’ve been fascinated by the Coravin device ever since it was used for me to enjoy a glass of Silver Oak Cab at the Vino Volo in the Nashville Airport. When I got home I looked it up and had a little sticker shock.

At the time, my fascination with wine was still in the fever stage and not yet a full-blown infection. None the less, it’s been on my wishlist for two years and this Christmas Santa left a Coravin Model One under the tree.

Poke. Pour. Seal. Repeat!

What’s it Do?

Basically, it has a needle that puts a tiny hole through the cork that lets you suck out a glass of wine without opening the bottle. The systems use Coravin Pure Capsules to power the process. It pressurizes an unopened bottle of wine with Argon gas to pour out the wine. Each capsule is good for 15 5 oz. pours.

When the needle is pulled out, the cork reseals itself. Magic!

According to the Coravin website FAQ …

“When the Coravin System is used correctly, the wine in the bottle continues to evolve in the same way as if Coravin was never used.”


Who’s it For?

ME! Well, I think there are two-ish categories and currently, I fall into most of them.

Category One: Gadget lovers

As much as I try to be a minimalist AND however many episodes of that Marie Kondo Tidy Up show my wife makes me watch on Netflix … I’m a gadget guy.

My motorcycle, tv, mountain bike, dual-zone wine fridge, etc, etc, etc … AMAZING GADGETS!

I started typing this on my iPad and finished it on my Macbook while wearing a Garmin watch the will apparently help me find my way home if I’m lost in Nepal.

The Coravin is a gadget … a really cool one.

I love gadgets.

Category Two: Wine lovers

I fall into this one too. If you are passionate about wine then I think the Model One could be your new favorite thing. My wife likes wine, but not every day. For the last few years, I’ve been hesitant to open a bottle that I was really excited about for fear that it would go downhill before I could enjoy every last drop.  I mean I love wine, but I’ve gotta a lot of stuff to do. I can’t (well I can, but shouldn’t) drink half … or more of a bottle a few nights a week.

Category Two, Section B: Wine Collectors

There may be 100+ bottles in this house, but I’m not sure I qualify as a “collector”. I get too excited and drink the bottles. That said, I do have a few bottles of Stag’s Leap Artemis in the fridge that I am saving to enjoy with my boys when they are old enough.

The Perspective shift.

That last category is what I originally thought the Coravin was for. A cool toy for fancy wine that I could not afford. I didn’t even open mine until last week because I was anxiously trying to decide which bottle was “worthy.”

I’m an idiot … this little blue gadget has changed how I think about my bottles now.

What am I in the mood for? What am I reading about that I should taste? Whatever it is … grab a bottle and pour a glass!

This week I used my Model One to try glasses from 3 different bottles and I even used it to squeeze out enough wine to season a pot of beef stew yesterday.

Is it worth the price?

At about $200 bucks for the Model One—mine is the cheapest model available—it’s definitely an investment.

I guess you have to ask yourself how does it fit into your gadget/wine-loving lifestyle. For me, the answer is yes. That said, we debated it in our house for a loooooong time.

We’ve been using $20 buck vacuum pumps that help keep a wine okay for 3-5 days. They are fine, but I still feel like I have to drink up.

Since I started using my Coravin, I have not used the pump and I’ve currently got two unopened bottles that I’ve been drinking from sitting on the wine rack.

But … Which One?

There are a bunch of different models, colors, and bundles ranging from my Model One at $200 to the fancy $1000 buck Model Eleven with Bluetooth connectivity and automatic pour technology … OooooOoooo, What a Gadget!!!!

Coravin, if you are reading this, feel free to give me one of those to play with.

You can even get stuff for your Coravin.

There are screw cap adapters, special needles for older corks, aerators, fancy stands, and more so as a savvy gadget lover, you can accessorize your Coravin Model any way you like.

I love gadgets that have their own gadgets.

Final Call:

Like I said, It’s not cheap. But, I love the way it’s freed up my angsty decision making over which bottle to open. I can have them all.
Plus, did I mention that I love gadgets?

Rating: 4 outta 5
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Manufacturer: Coravin