Root Cause: 

Can you imagine a world without wine? I can’t! 

Rating: 4 outta 5
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Author: Steven Laine  

Words about words:

Tall. Dark. And handsome!?!?!

Ummmm … These are not the words I usually find in the books I read. I looked at my wife and said  I know I told them I would read it, but you might have to take this one on for me.”

She looked back ant me and said … “Suck it up.  Get through the first one hundred pages and see how you feel.”


Two days later

I was turning pages as fast as I could read and getting irritated whenever I had to put the book down. 

So I guess what I’m saying is … She was right and I was less right.

Despite not being my usual history or wine science gotos,  there is a lot of actual wine history and knowledge in this book. It’s a well researched fun tour around many wine regions and producers in the world. 

It’s perfect for when:

  1. You need a break from reading The Wine Bible for the third time, but you still want to read about wine.
  2. You love historical fiction. I personally can’t see why we need another princess/queen/Viking historical drama, but if you’re like my wife … you probably feel the exact opposite of me.
  3. You want to get wrapped up in a mystery while chilling on the beach this summer and just read something for the fun of it.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it.

Glad I stuck with it. Given the genre, I honestly would not have picked this up at the store, but maybe I should consider expanding my reading list to include a little more fiction.