Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt:

The Complete History of Presidential Drinking

Rating: 3.5 outta 5
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Author: Mark Will-Weber

Words about words:

Let’s say you’re not entirely like me. Meaning that reading presidential biographies is not something you do for fun and leisure.

But, perhaps … you like history but just prefer to get it in shots instead of overflowing kegs. If that sounds nice … This book is perfect for you.

You’ll get a little fun with your history, as well as a few ideas for cocktails to impress your friends with.

5 good reasons to read this book

  • You’ll be able to drop cool facts about old presidents sipping Champagne while sipping Champagne.
  • It’s always nice to see that presidents are people too
  • Each short chapter is a quick look into a president’s drinking habits, making it easy to knock out over one glass of wine
  • You get a whole entire book dedicated to presidential drinking habits, tastes, and history without too much of the boring political and legislative crap.
  • You want Obama’s recipe for making beer.

The Bottom line … I enjoyed the book and it will surely be a resource for inspiration and information as I create my own stories about famous moments in American drinking history.

Because of the chapter format, there are a few moments where the copy gets repetitive, but overall the information is informative, educational and yes … entertaining.

The book goes from Washington to Obama. In a previous post, I wrote about George’s love for Madeira, but did you know that both he and President Obama had more than being president in common? … They both made their own beer!

It’s true! You’ll learn that and a whole lot more.

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